Drink-in. Track it.
Stay hydrated.


Ideation, Research, Conceptualization

  • The Idea

    The app would let you keep the track of all your liquid intake and help you analyze how hydrated or dehydrated you are.

  • Benchmarking & Research

    Found similar existing apps such as 'Water Logged' and 'Drinkaware'. Studied what these apps offer and where they lack in a seemless user experience.

  • What's Drink-in

    No health-freak approach, Young and vigorous, Intuitive User Interface, Fun but full of facts, Tracking the activity at ease, Strictly personal and no needless social media sharing

  • ..And
    here it


Drinking a beverage with a friend is a known social convention. You don't always drink because you are thirsty. But that doesn't help to keep track of how much liquid you consume in a day. One of the reasons is, to be in the state of hydrated or dehydrated, depending on the choice of your drink. But wait, how do you know that?

Drink-in lets you keep track of all that. So when you are drinking an ice tea on a sunny day or a warm cup of coffee on a cold day in winter, you just have to feed this information to the app. By the end of the day, the app tells you how many and how much of the drinks you consumed and did it help to keep your body well hydrated or not. It specifically mentions about your water intake and promptly guides you whether to increase or decrease the amount. It also lets you analyze how a person can drink the weird combination of beverages in a day. So are you drinking responsibly? Certainly we all are. But what is the harm in keeping track of that?


Design & Prototype

Visual Language


Onboarding Screens starts a very casual conversation with the user about his / her daily drinking habits. It introduces the subject in a subtle way and generates a curiosity about the app. Meanwhile, the user sees the transition appearing in the background which later gets revealed as an amusing human figure with various liquid intake levels.

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Home and add a drink

Once the user starts using the app, lands on the home screen. It displays several categories of the drinks which user can select while tracking the daily liquid intake. The navigation bar at the bottom has other three entry points to the sections such as, daily status, activity and user profile.

While on the home screen user can choose a particular drink which takes the user to the next level of selection. Here the user can add the number of drinks of that particular type. The user can proceed further or go back and add another drink. In the end the user sees the tracking of his/her liquid intake until that time.

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Daily Status

Drink-in Status is an over view of the daily liquid intake. It shows the different levels of drinks as per the user’s inputs. It specifies a particular drink with a respective icon which makes it easy to understand. The highest consumed drink is at the top layer where as the less consumed one is at the bottom. It indirectly shows how much hydrated or dehydrated a person is.

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Drink-ins are the time-to-time activities based on user’s inputs. Its is a list of drinks that user consumes within the whole week along with small details about date, time and the drink itself. Although it doesn’t show the levels here, it shows the frequency of consuming a drink.

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Profile displays the user information and allows user to edit the same. Based on the tracking, the app extracts drinks that are favourite to the user. Following that, there is also a weekly status that gives an overview of the entire week. The graph helps the user to understand average liquid intake required to stay hydrated. It specially shows water levels within those intakes.

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